Comet Facts – That Will Surely Amazed You


Comets are made up of rock, gas, ice, and dust, so they are also known as cosmic snowballs or dirty snowballs. In this post, I will share some amazing facts about the comet.

 Amazing Facts About The Comet:

  • Nucleus, coma, dust tail, and ion tail are the four components in a comet.
  • Comets orbit the Sun in elliptical paths. The path of a comet is much more elliptical than any planet.
  • It takes less than 200 years to complete our solar orbit to a short-period comet.
  • It takes thousands to millions of years to complete our Sun’s orbit for a long-period comet.
  • Comets can also hit our planet. Approximately 28 million years ago, the last comet to strike the Earth.
  • Haley’s comet is the most famous. It is named after the British astronomer Edmund Helena. It has been observed since at least 240 B.C. Every 76 years, its orbit makes it visible from Earth.
  • The farthest point in the Sun’s orbit of a comet is called “aphelion,” and the nearest point is called “perihelion.”
  • Scientists have currently discovered more than 3,000 comets, and they believe that there are up to one billion comets in our solar system.
  • A great comet is one that is bright enough to be seen from the Earth without the need for binoculars. A great comet occurs almost every ten years.
  • The size of a comet depends on how close it is to the Sun. As the comet draws closer to the Sun, the ice evaporates on its Nucleus’s surface and forms a cloud called a coma around the Nucleus that can spread up to 80,000 km.
  • Due to ions coming from the Sun, a bright ask of the comet is formed. Its direction is always opposite from the Sun.
  • All types of comets originate in the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, the Solar System’s outer regions.
  • A comet leaves a tail of dust particles behind it, and it is called a dust tail.

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  • Most comets have diameters ranging from 10 to 100 km.
  • Meteorite occurs when the Earth passes through a comet’s orbit.
  • The length of a comet’s tail may extend up to several million kilometers.
  • When comets are hot, a circle of gases is formed around them, which is called the coma.
  • Comets have been known since ancient times compared to other bodies present in the universe. In which the people of China talk about seeing a comet named Haley in 240 B.C.
  • The comet has been seen as a doom throughout history.
  • The word comet is derived from the Greek word Kometes, which means long hair. The reason for this is that the comet’s tail is like a long flow of hair.
  • Comets are leftovers from the formation of the Solar System, just like asteroids.
  • Comets reflect only 4% of the light that falls on them, and the rest is absorbed.
  • Approx 360 million miles, the second tail of the comet can stretch.
  • The result of the solar winds flowing against the comet is the ion tail of the comet.

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