Eye Facts – That Will Amazed You


The eye is very important, as well as the most complex organ of the human body. They work just like a camera. In this post, I will share some interesting facts about the eye.

You’ll be amazed by reading below eye facts :

  • With our age, the size of our nose and ears increase but the eyes stay same until you die.
  • The most complex organ of the human body is the brain followed by the eye.
  • The most common eye color in the whole world is brown.
  • The human eye can differentiate about 10 million different colors.
  • The eye is the fastest muscle in our body.
  • The human eye can see approx 500 shades of gray.
  • Color-blindness is more likely in men than in women, and newborn babies are color-blind.
  • Half of our brain is used only for watching and vision.
  • Generally, people read 25 times faster on paper than on screen.
  • A woman may have eye problems during pregnancy, such as dry eyes and blurred vision, but these problems are minor and temporary. This problem goes away after the baby is born.
  • The human cornea and the cornea of ​​sharks are very similar. So shark eyes can be used as a replacement in human eye surgeries.
  • Some people are born with mismatched eye colors due to heredity or injury, and this condition is known as heterochromia .
  • You can’t sneeze when your eyes are open, which means it’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • People who smoke are twice as likely to have dry eyes as normal people.
  • You may be surprised to know that you blink an average of 4,200,000 times throughout the year. Adults blink around 15-20 times a minute. Babies blink less than adults.
  • The human eye can only see red, blue, and green colors. The retina has three cones sensitive to red, blue, and green colors. These three cones work together to understand the combinations of light waves that help to see millions of other colors and shades.
  • Certain nerve cells in the retina and brain are not fully developed at birth, which is why babies can only see some shades of black, white, and gray at birth. Only after a week do they develop the ability to see the colors.
  • Tears keep the eyes clean, moist, and full of antibodies. So it helps protect the eyes from infection.
  • The sun’s rays can damage the eyes. One should wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from rays.
  • The eyes are about 1 inch across, and if we talk about their weight, it would be about 0.25 ounce.
  • About 39 million people worldwide are blind.
  • Our eyes are very important to us, and our body understands this too. That is why many eye injuries heal surprisingly quickly.

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