Thanksgiving Facts – That will surprise you


We all know about Thanksgiving day. It’s a national holiday celebrated on several dates in the United States, Canada, Liberia, etc. It’s a day of giving thanks and the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. So, in this post, I will share some surprising facts about thanksgiving day.

Surprising Facts About The Thanksgiving:

  • In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and in Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.
  • In 1621 the first thanksgiving day was celebrated and, it has lasted three days.
  • The actual “Mother of Thanksgiving” was Sarah Josepha.
  • In every Thanksgiving, American eats approx 704 million pounds of turkey. More than 90% of American’s eat turkey on this day but only 50%of them eat turkey with stuffing on the inside. Historians have no record of turkey being eaten on the first Thanksgiving Day.
  • “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song.
  • The most popular Thanksgiving tipple is Red wine.
  • On every Thanksgiving day approx 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed.
  • President George Washington was declared the first national Thanksgiving Day, and it was celebrated on November 26, 1789.
  • America’s second favorite holiday is nothing but Thanksgiving and the first favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • The majority of the Americans secretly dislike the classic Thanksgiving dishes, but they will eat them anyway.
  • The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is known as “Drinksgiving”.

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  • In 1870 the Thanksgiving day football games began.
  • The average American will consume about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day, or about 3,000 for the meal and an additional 1,500 for snacking.
  • The most popular symbol of Thanksgiving is corn, not turkeys.
  • The most busiest day of the year for plumbers is the day after Thanksgiving.
  • You will be surprised to know that 60% of Americans would rather do anything else than think about what they’re grateful for on Thanksgiving.
  • On average, it takes about seven hours to cook a Thanksgiving dinner while the people only spend about 16 minutes eating it.
  • The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is watched by nearly 50 million people on television. It was originally called “Macy’s Christmas Parade”. The original Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade didn’t have any ballons.
  • The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had central park zoo animals.
  • The foods eaten for Thanksgiving dinner haven’t changed much since 1621.
  • There is an official Thanksgiving postage stamp.
  • The current united states president pardons turkey every Thanksgiving Day.
  • In the United States, Approx 78% of government and private employees take Thanksgiving and the day after off.
  • Green bean casserole is a new addition to the Thanksgiving menu.
  • If any character has been more spotted in the Macy’s Parade so it’s nothing but the Snoopy.
  • The day after Thanksgiving day is called “Black Friday”.
  • In the United States, Californians consume the most turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
  • The average turkey for Thanksgiving weighs 6.8 kilograms.

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