Titanic Facts : Surprising Facts About The Titanic


Titanic was the most luxurious as well as the largest passenger ship of its time. In this post, I will share some surprising facts about the titanic.

 Surprising Facts About The Titanic :

  • The “Royal Mail Ship Titanic” was the full name of the Titanic . The Titanic was built by the “White Star Line” company.
  • The Titanic was built at the cost of $7.5 million.
  • Titanic sailed on 10 April 1912, on its maiden voyage. After a four-day journey, on 14 April 1912, the ship collided with an icy mountain and broke and drowned in the sea.
  • After seeing the iceberg, there were only 37 seconds to save the collision, in which it was impossible to save the ship.
  • According to an estimate, there were 3547 people on the ship, out of which 1537 people lost their lives in this accident.
  • The Titanic was the largest human-made moving object on earth at the time of her launch.
  • The Titanic was run at a top speed of more than 26 miles per hour.
  • The Olympic and the Britannic were two sister ships of titanic.
  • The Titanic’s musicians continued to play music for hours, even when the sinking began.
  • There were only 23 women among the 885 people who worked on the Titanic ship.
  • Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic ship was also sunk with this ship, and a memorial was built in memory of it.
  • The interior of the Titanic ship was taken from the Ritz Hotel in London.
  • One lakh people came to see the Titanic when it was unveiled on 31 May 1911.
  • 26 couples came on this ship to celebrate their honeymoon.
  • The Titanic engine produced 46,000 horsepower energy.
  • To stay passengers in the Titanic ship was divided into three categories.
  • Titanic passengers had 60 lakh dollars worth of goods, including cash, jewelry.
  • Out of the nine dogs on the Titanic ship, two were rescued, one Pomeranian and one Pekinese.
  • A total of four chimneys were made to remove smoke on the Titanic. But only three of them used to remove smoke. The fourth chimney was built by the company only to make the ship look better.
  • During this voyage, the ship was warned of the iceberg six times.
  • The iceberg hitting the Titanic ship was 100 feet high.
  • The Titanic is the only seaplane that sank due to hitting the ice reef.
  • It took 2 hours and 40 minutes for Titanic to sink completely after hitting a mountain of snow.
  • During the construction of the Titanic, more than 250 people were hurt, and two people died.
  • John Jacob Esther IV was the richest person to travel on the Titanic. He had $ 85 million, but he also sank with this ship.
  • There was 35 engineering staff on the Titanic, but none of them survived.
  • It took more than 70 years to find the Titanic.

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